Adoption Success Stories

We're excited to share these wonderful updates about our Weatherford Wags alumni who've found their forever homes, and would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the humans who've sent us their adoption success stories!

Bullet's (Ocho's) Adoption Success Story

"We weren’t sure. Scratch that. We were very NOT sure. A big dog? We had always had small dogs. But this precious, green & honey eyed boy came bounding into the yard & got up on his hind legs & hugged us. Literally hugged us. Oof…should have just signed the adoption then & there. We spent the next two weeks learning each other, figuring out this big dog (that thinks he is a lap dog), and laughing as he races to steal dad’s couch seat every night. He is a joy & has made this empty nest home full of life. We are so grateful to the Weatherford Wags family for saving this boy & and caring for him until we could find him!"

Kiera's Adoption Success Story

"Kiera was to be put down in less than 2 hours, I was looking for a cat, the pound told me she was vicious and had bit her previous owner. Not sure what happened with previous owner but she is the kindest most gentle girl I have ever met. She plays with the 3 year old across the street. Doesn’t even snap when you have food in your hand. She has gained weight and she is spoiled"

Jethro's (Rufus's) Adoption Success Story

"A friend kept nudging me to foster a dog named Rufus. He and his brother T bone were at the shelter and both needed socializing. I finally gave in and went to meet Rufus. When I first saw him, I almost cried because he looked so much like a dog I had lost that also came from Weatherford Wags. How could I not foster him? It took maybe 2 days for me to fall in love with Rufus. He is shy and awkward and has me
absolutely wrapped around his paw. Give the overlooked dogs a chance. They know they have been rescued and rescue you even more in return."

Sunshine's (Sunny's) Adoption Success Story

"I lost my long time dog, Hoss, to cancer back in November 2023. Houses are quiet and seem empty without a dog. In January I decide I needed a dog, so I reached out to Weatherford Wags. I tried one dog that didn’t work out because of my bird. They kept suggesting Sunshine. I gave her a try. Boy am I glad I did! She is perfect for me. Sweet and loving. She is by my side all the time. I could not have gotten a better dog.
If you’re looking for a dog, think about adopting one. They are the most precious animals. They will be loving and loyal."

T Bone's Adoption Success Story

"We decided as a family to foster a dog, we had never fostered before and had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into. We were not at all prepared to immediately fall in love with a dog who was terrified of everything, including physical touch. No matter what, we were determined to show this boy that he deserved and had the right to be loved. November 21 marks one year that we’ve been graced with T bones love. I can’t imagine a life without him in it. He is the most loyal and well behaved dog I’ve ever met (even if it took him some time). He was our missing piece ❤️"

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Have you adopted a dog from us? We'd love to know how our Weatherford Wags alumni are doing in their forever homes. Send us your adoption success story and help inspire others to adopt a dog from our rescue! We may feature your story on our website, on our social media channels, and/or in other communications.

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