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Overview of Our Adoption Process

If you'd like to adopt a dog from Weatherford Wags, please take a look at our adoption process:

Adoption Questionnaire

After you submit your completed adoption questionnaire, we will review it.

Phone Interview

If, after this initial screening, we believe you may be a good match for the dog you specified in the adoption questionnaire, we will call you for a phone interview.

Meet and Greet

If, after the phone interview, we determine that you meet our initial requirements, we will schedule a meet and greet with you, your resident pets, and the dog you wish to adopt from us.

Home Visit

After the meet and greet (or at the same time as the meet and greet), we will conduct a home visit.

Trial Adoption

If you're approved as adopter, we will recommend a trial adoption of one to two weeks.

Adoption Agreement & Adoption Fee

Lastly, you're asked to sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee to finalize the adoption process.

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Adoption FAQs

Once we received your completed adoption questionnaire, we'll review it and contact you about the next steps. You can find a basic overview of our adoption process above.

We will meet you at your home to evaluate if it meets our expectations of a safe, loving environment for the dog you wish to adopt from us.

We generally recommend a trial adoption period of one to two weeks.

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